A Prayer on the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

Tonight and all this week, Saturn and Jupiter will have a “great conjunction.” Since reading Michael Ward’s Planet Narnia this year, which gave me a layman’s course in the Medieval spheres, this conjunction has assumed monumental symbolic significance in my mind. Saturn is Infortuna Major, the sphere of suffering, old age, and death. Jupiter is […]

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“Not a Mother-Woman”

There is a kind of mother who seems to hear the true calling of her life in her newborn baby’s cry. A mother who tells other expecting women, “When you see that baby for the first time, your whole world changes. It’s love at first sight!” There is a kind of mother who seems to […]

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The Performance-Driven Mama

One afternoon, after a very bumpy morning that ended with me yelling at my kids (again), I dejectedly clicked on a link that promised to reveal my maternal “grumpiness trigger.” I answered a few questions and received an email telling me I had a Growth Trigger. In short, if my kids aren’t displaying character growth […]

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My Solution to Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions have come under fire lately. My whole adult life, I’ve heard the (perhaps deserved) cynicism. While I’m generally skeptical of what culture says we should do, I do like New Year’s Resolutions. The new year is a guaranteed fresh start, an official milestone to look forward to as the beginning of something good. […]

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A New Year’s Fast

Every January, my husband and I make it a tradition to stay off social media as we plan and begin to pursue our goals for the new year. The break is always refreshing, and it’s always surprising to me in the first few days how often my fingers itch for Facebook and must be told […]

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Writing Ruminations 2018

An online acquaintance of mine, J. M. Jablowski, started a writing tag for the end of the year. Since this time of year is usually marked by reflection (also overeating–and for me, board games), I thought this would be a good chance to look back at how far I’ve come–and look forward to where I […]

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