C. S. Lewis Digest: Literature

The school year is beginning, and my thoughts have returned to C. S. Lewis’s ideas about English education. He thought a lot about education (as evidenced by his profession and by the fact that I am not even going to quote from The Abolition of Man, his major work on the subject, in this post). […]

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The Inklings and Mr. Rogers Explain the Source of Music’s Power

Periodically, I teach a survey-style course on the works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. One of our long-running discussion topics in the class is music: both authors’ works are filled with it. What’s more, when both authors give us creation accounts of their worlds–Middle-Earth in The Silmarillion, and Narnia in Magician’s Nephew–both worlds […]

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C. S. Lewis Digest: Memory

Here’s a scenario, which may be incredibly lame to some people—but will probably resonate with everyone else. On the night of my twenty-first birthday, my heart was very full. I had spent the day with all the people I cherished most, eating the food I loved the most. I had the best group of college […]

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I am Umbridge

Ask me to choose a part of Harry Potter that is “not fun,” and my first reaction will probably be to stare at you blankly, my jaw slightly ajar, wondering why you’re asking unanswerable questions. When pressed, I might begin reluctantly admitting that certain parts of the Potterverse are less fun: maybe Dursleys? Maybe Draco? […]

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Growing Up Geeky

These days, geeks have it made. Whether you’re DC or Marvel, Star Wars or Star Trek, you’re getting love from mainstream media: ALL THE REBOOTS! With, like, famous and good-looking actors! Millions of dollars to update your chosen franchise! And the once-impossible-to-find-paraphernalia of your chosen fandom? Stores at the mall! ThinkGeek! Barnes & Noble, for […]

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