The Inklings and Mr. Rogers Explain the Source of Music’s Power

Periodically, I teach a survey-style course on the works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. One of our long-running discussion topics in the class is music: both authors’ works are filled with it. What’s more, when both authors give us creation accounts of their worlds–Middle-Earth in The Silmarillion, and Narnia in Magician’s Nephew–both worlds […]

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What Movies Miss About Marriage

I’ve already professed my love for The Greatest Showman. Let me tell you now about something surprising it exposed about me. “A Million Dreams” is the love song between Phineas and Charity. It starts when they are children and time-hops into their young adulthood, when Phineas picks her up from her parents’ home and they […]

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C. S. Lewis Digest: Memory

Here’s a scenario, which may be incredibly lame to some people—but will probably resonate with everyone else. On the night of my twenty-first birthday, my heart was very full. I had spent the day with all the people I cherished most, eating the food I loved the most. I had the best group of college […]

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Laws of Magic: Less is More

It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it, that magic—this concept that makes possibilities endless—can actually be better when you give it boundaries? Part of the lure of magic is that it’s mysterious, right? Not necessarily. The draw of fantasy for many is not only passively experiencing, but learning a new world: understanding it well enough to work out […]

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The Science of Magic

One of the biggest protests to reading fantasy is, “Well, magic means anything can happen and it doesn’t have to make sense.” I’ve read books like that–I call one of them out below–and I agree. They’re problematic. People want to read books with plots that, you know, work. Magic can’t just come in and clean out […]

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Why the Word-Hoard?

“Now, you sea-travelers from a far-off land, listen to my simple thought—the sooner the better, you must make clear from whence you have come.” The eldest one answered him, leader of the troop, unlocked his word-hoard: Why a Blog? Cap’s been wanting me to start an author blog for a while. “I don’t like blogs,” […]

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