About the Hoarder

Shannon Stewart is the happiest wife in the world, probably, and mother of three girls. She teaches High School English at the Honors level, and her favorite course to helm 13879361_10209050068344326_3763233817461696418_nis a self-designed seminar on C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. She’s most comfortable with literary analysis, as you can see here and here, with an M. A. in English Literature and an Honors Thesis published by Carson-Newman University on the works of John Milton and J. R. R. Tolkien.

But Shannon started a blog not just to have a place to collect her thoughts, which naturally take the form of essays (due to long habit), but also to eventually hawk her books. She’s wanted to be an author for about forever–now she’s going for it, and she declares it to the Internet in the hopes that it will keep her accountable. Her books will explore music, memory, romance, and redemptive themes. Her blog posts will explore literature, film, parenting, and writing.

Other things Shannon hoards:

  • Cheese
  • Books by C. S. Lewis
  • Books about C. S. Lewis
  • Let’s be real: books in general
  • On a related note: Want-to-read books on Goodreads
  • Quotes from Lord of the Rings
  • The Legend of Zelda paraphernalia
  • Lotions–until the VERY LAST DROP is GONE from each bottle. Waste not!

And she humbly hopes you enjoy yourself.