A New Year’s Fast

Every January, my husband and I make it a tradition to stay off social media as we plan and begin to pursue our goals for the new year. The break is always refreshing, and it’s always surprising to me in the first few days how often my fingers itch for Facebook and must be told “no.”

Now that I have a blog, I didn’t know what to do–because the main way I promote my new blog posts is to share them on Facebook. I know I have some followers (THANK YOU!) who would see the posts anyway. But many of my readers only remember I have a blog if they see the link on Facebook. Which is also perfectly respectable–but poses a conundrum, since it’s important to me to give myself a rest from Facebook this month.

After considering it for some time, I decided I’d take a fast from blogging, too. I have plenty I want to write about, and a few new posts already prepared, but I don’t want to compromise the fast to share them, so… I’ll restart my normal weekly posting schedule in February.

I’m planning on taking this time to write thank you notes, get a few blog posts ahead of schedule, plan for the year, and …dun dun dun… finish draft one of my WIP! That’s a lot in one month… but I normally spend a lot of time on Facebook. Let’s see how many extra hours help me in my quest.

If you still want to keep up with ONE form of my writing, one of my goals this year is to actually keep my Goodreads account up to date! I’m very active over there–I review each book I read, and I read avidly–and I’d love to be your follower if you want to connect.

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